Instant Threat Detection for Advanced Protection

About the company

WebEagle specializes in Advanced Threat Protection. Since we live in the age of information, users are always under the threat of being robbed of their data, login credentials or personal information.

We work on scraping the net 24/7 to give indviduals, businesses and enterprises instant warnings upon the possibility of such threats. Our mission is making the internet, where people spend most of their time, a safer place.

Why WebEagle?

Quick Detection

Detecting advanced threats is our specialty. Users receive a warning immediately upon a threat.

Advanced Technology

We work with the latest technology in scraping webs to ensure deep threat visibility.


We are here for you 24/7, with eyes wide open all day, everyday.

User Privacy

WebEagle does not keep hold of any information related to its users.

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Tel Aviv Israel

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