WebEagle - Get Notified if Your Information Leak on the dark web

Has your identity been stolen?

Did you know: even if you use the strongest passwords, it’s still possible for hackers to steal your personal data by attacking the websites and apps you use? Find out if you’ve been hacked for free.

Check if your data was stolen.

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Where we find the data

hacker websites

Underground hacker websites and forums are notorious for trading stolen information, such as emails and passwords. We scrape them daily and report to the user to pre-warn them against any information leaks.

Dark web

The dark web is designed to conceal its users' identities and locations, forming a notorious platform for exchanging illegal or stolen information. Our spiders crawl through the dark web to detect these threats.

data dumps

Systems can transfer data between them over a network connection. Software applications can then use this data or publish it. People can also use it and analyse it. We detect all data dumps transfer to protect your personal information.

Secure your Online Presence

Upon signing up, we do not keep or save any of the user's personal information only the email so we can look for it on the dark web and hacking websites. In the case information breaches are found, we send you reports to warn you against a possible threat.

Our next-gen web scraping system relies heavily on advanced machine learning technology, which eliminates noise and ensures accurate reports.

  • Secure
  • Accurate
  • Dedicated
  • 24/7 protection and monitoring

Threat Notifications

Get an alert in real time if we find any of your emails on a hacking website or the dark web.


Monthly plan

7 days Free Trial and after $2.99 /Monthly
  • We only need You email to activate the protection
  • Cover up to 20 emails
  • Instant Threat Warnings
  • Instant Activation

Yearly plan

7 days FREE trial and after $24.97 /yearly save 30%
  • We only need Your email to activate the protection
  • Cover up to 20 emails
  • Instant Threat Warnings
  • Instant Activation
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