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Even if you use the strongest passwords, it’s still possible for hackers to steal your personal data by attacking the websites and apps you use.
Over 3 billion records get reported as stolen each year. More than 600 breaches happen in a quarter. It takes a company more than 40 days to disclose a data breach.
Strings like ‘1234’ and ‘qwerty’ are still among the most common passwords people use. No. Choosing ‘starwars’ for a password is not safe. Giants were not left intact. Yahoo. eBay. Equifax. Target. Uber.

What we do

How we locate data leakages?

Scraping hacker websites

Elite hacker websites and underground forums are notorious for trading stolen password and email information.

We scrape them daily and report to you in real-time about potential information leaks.

Dark Web crawlers

The Dark Web or the darknet is designed to conceal its users' identities and locations. It is a breeze to join the Dark Web. Anyone can do it. No special skills are required. That is why it is the perfect place for crooks to exchange illegally collected information. Our intelligent spiders crawl through the Dark Web to detect and index these threats.

Data dump checkups

Data transfer from one system to another can be done simply via a network connection. Once the stolen data reaches the desired destination, a software app can publish it to make it an easy prey for dishonest users.

We detect all data dumps transfers from your system to protect your personal information.

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