Believing in the importance of keeping everyone's confidential information secured online, we created WebEagle - the only service that can guarantee that!

How it all started

Well, there has to be a reason why they say "Necessity is the mother of invention", right? This is exactly what happened with us! Some very important confidential information of Tom, a member in our team, were leaked online and he only found out about that when it was too late. That was the moment when we thought that if we had a service to warn us about hackings, we would have prevented it. So, we all gathered and started thinking about developing WebEagle!

Who we are

A young team of developers, with very big dreams and ambitions. We believe in the significance of utilizing the advances in technology to serve our purposes. Advances SHOULDN'T come at the price of security. We: Amanda, Lena, Tom, Ahmad, Sana, Pete and Anuj decided to put all our efforts together and create something different and beneficial. We believe we succeeded. Give WebEagle a try and let us know if you agree with us!

We, at WebEagle, strive to make everyone's experience on the internet as secure and pleasant as possible.

What makes us special

Every team has several characteristics that identifies it and makes it unique. When it comes to us, it's pretty difficult to explain. We comes from different professional and personal background and yet found one big goal we all want to accomplish. We are innovative, we work hard, very hard, but we also enjoy what we do! We believe in each other and can always come up with new solutions! Digital solutions, forget about solutions for our romantic situations, we haven't solved that yet! (Stay tuned)

We can sum up what we do this way:

  • Dream, initiate, believe, and drink coffee.
  • Think, brainstorm, and drink coffee.
  • Research, develop, and drink coffee.
  • Test, fix, improve, update, and drink more coffee indeed.

We are 100% committed to our policy and main goal – we never compromise on giving the best solutions regarding privacy and security on the internet.