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71.76$ $36.00 billed every 2 years

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Along with many amazing features, you'll enjoy these:

Up to 20 emails covered

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Billing & sales questions

Unfortunately we don't offer a free trial. But we have a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked.
Yes, you can protect up to 20 emails with one account.
we have a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked. So if you cancel in the first month you can ask for a refund

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Tarun Kahtri


The accounts of all my family members are secured with WebEagle! This is a great service and the team is very friendly and helpful! #twothumbsup #happycustomer

Amanda S. Prett

United States

Really impressive experience! WebEagle managed to detect a major threat and notified me on time! #twothumbsup #happycustomer

Yulia Anastas


Never felt more secure surfing the web!#twothumbsup #happycustomer

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